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AquaSynergy Water Management System


AquaSynergy Water Management System

It is vitally important that the water in your hot tub is kept sparkling clean and hygienic which can be quite a chore with traditional spa chemicals, but with the AquaSynergy Water Management System it is very simple to maintain good clean water. The application of the AquaSynergy water care product combined with the high performance system work in synergy to ensure that unwanted contaminants are easier to filter and more vulnerable for removal. Follow this with a compressed charge of ozone gas which eliminates dead bacteria/organics to discharge them into the filters. Finally the Comfort Clean Filtration System & Circulation Pump then filter out any remaining particles to perfectly scrub the water to a sparkling shine!

Comfort Clean Filtration * Circulation Pump *
The AquaFlex Pump powers and digitally controls the intake and filtration system. It scrubs and micro-filters the spa water up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The filtration system has two large capacity 50 square foot cartridge filters that are extremely easy to access for cleaning and servicing. The AquaFlex Massage Pump (12 v) also works as a circulation pump, operating in combination with the Comfort Clean filtration system to clean the hot tub water to a sparkling shine. The pump is optimised to run as efficiently as possible with maximum water flow to give you an outstanding performance for less money.
Treatment Chamber Built in Floor Drain
The Ozone Purifier in the ozone treatment chamber, which by means of an electronic oxidation process, is very effective in the removal of all of the unwanted contaminants from the water. The equipment area also contains all the electrical components in an easy to use colour coded panel inside the spa cabinet. Your spa needs to be completely drained of water every so often, so to make this process quicker and easier each hot tub has a bottom drain which is positioned and sized to discharge the water up to 25% faster than other brands of spa. It also drains far more water meaning there is less residue for you to manually bail out.

* These are the features on the E Class range of spas - the C Class Spas have a dedicated Mini 24/7 Circulation Pump working with the Dual Micro Filtration system.


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