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Stress Reduction

A warm water massage can stimulate the body to release endorphins that can help reduce stress levels. The hydrotherapy jets help to dilate blood vessels which can help to prevent headaches. This in turn can also improve sleep quality if a soak in the spa is taken before bedtime.

Relieve Pain

The hydrotherapy jets help to loosen and relax muscles and improve blood circulation, which brings nutrients to the damaged or injured muscles and joints to help with the bodies repairs. Athletes have been using spas for hydromassage for years to help with sports injuries.

Manage Diabetes

Researchers in Colorado have conducted tests on diabetes patients and have found that if they spend 30 minutes a day in a spa that their average blood sugar levels dropped by around 13%. Regular use of a hot tub has also been reported to significantly lower blood pressure levels.


Quality Time, All Year Long

Having a home spa has been found to increase the quality time families spend together as there are very few other activities that an entire family can enjoy together whilst getting all the health benefits associated with time in a hot tub. Plus a spa is always ready and waiting.

Studies have concluded that compared to home swimming pools or whirlpool baths a hot tub is frequently used all year round and by all members of the family together. As they have an easy to control temperature you can heat them up for winter time use or cool them down for an escape from the summer heat.

Benefits Summary:

  • hydrotherapy helps with all general aches and pains or more serious sports injuries
  • arthritis sufferers find buoyancy in the warm water allows for gentle exercise
  • easily controlled massage jets can give a gentle or deep tissue hydromassage
  • a soak in the spa can improve circulation helping to deliver nutrients around the body
  • a 30 minute soak before bed can assist a deep refreshing sleep and improve the quality

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