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Lotus Spas Hot Tubs Features


Cost Efficiency

Most of us now days likes to be as green as possible, so to help with economic costs as well as being as friendly to the environment as we can, our hot tubs are engineered to be cost effective.


Through special technologies we have developed a water management system that is easy to understand and even easier for you to maintain a hygienic hot tub with sparkling, inviting spa water.

Easy Maintenance

As with all aspects of our spas, we have designed the inner working of the hot tubs to be easy to maintain and should anything go wrong or stop working it is easy for you to find the parts for replacement or maintenance.


Packed with exciting features

As well as the features detailed above all of our hot tubs come with AquaFlex Massage Technology and advanced massage jets to give the best hydro-massage in a home spa. Couple this with ergonomic seating in the Comfort Fit shell, Comfort Rest Pillows and the easy to reach Comfort Rest Console and you will have possibly the best spa experience of your life at a great price.

Unlike some hot tub manufacturers who only offer limited warranties to protect themselves, Lotus Spas offers our customers a 100% No Nonsense, No Fine Print Guarantee to ensure peace of mind and care-free enjoyment.

Add to your spa experience:

  • AquaCoustics Surround - quality pop up speakers plus exceptional electronics for stunning sound complete with waterproof floating remote control
  • AquaVision - add a further dimension with a fully integrated visual system allowing you to watch your favourite film whilst enjoying a relaxing soak. The remote control also controls the jets so you don't have to move from your Reclina-Seat (E Class Spas only)
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