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European Spas Distribution Dealers


How to become an authorised Lotus Spas distribution dealer:

  1. Complete and email back your application profile form.
  2. Upon consideration of your completed Profile, Lotus Spas will advise you on acceptance. We will then come to terms on your European region, contractual issues and when you intend to begin. We jointly develop a business plan for the first 6 months.
  3. Provide a retail setting to demonstrate our products to interested parties. It is important that at least one person of authority be designated full time to manage spa sales. We are a goal-oriented company. Our system is compatible with dealers of similar orientation.
  4. Ensure you have the facilities to store, deliver, install and service our spas/products. This means trucks, material handling equipment and a qualified technician in electrical and mechanical servicing.
  5. Place your initial order for spas, merchandise and marketing materials. Upon receipt of your order, our export department will provide you a complete pro-forma/order confirmation including all suggested accessories and our dealer start-up marketing material. We handle all freight forwarding, shipment and export documentation upon your request.
  6. Follow our guidelines to success using our sales and marketing program. Combining this with your good business expertise will provide you a winning formula.
  7. Display, promote, sell and service our spa products. We will offer many continuing suggestions to help you.
  8. Attend consumer shows to gain additional sales exposure. You must take the product to places where qualified buyers can see it, try it and be exposed to its benefits.
  9. Maintain a promotional budget equal to 15% of anticipated retail spa sales volume.
  10. Develop your business further by attending our specialised sales, marketing, service and management seminars. Some of these seminars are at our plant and others are held in European/international centers.

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