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Years of experience

Managing Director Jaro Podkovcik started in the industry in 1994 working with Canadian spa manufacturers, then many other North American companies to bring their spas to the European market.

Quality assured

Having been in the hot tub industry for so long we know quality and we are constantly striving to ensure that the spas we supply are of the highest quality standards to live up to your high expectations.

Dealer Network

Lotus Spas have a network of dealers in most countries throughout Europe, so although you cannot use this site to purchase a hot tub it is the English version of the site so to locate your local dealer click here.


Lotus Spas & Hot Tubs

Lotus Spas is a family business that strives to deliver quality products at a reasonable price directly to our network of dealers. It is our aim to focus on improving hot tub & spa technology, thus trying to make sure our products are as reliable as any other household product you purchase.

Our goal for the future is bringing practical technology, not just bells and whistles, to spas to make sure our vision of harmony is available to all.

Lotus Spas is dedicated to bring our customers overall harmony of performance, comfort, design, and therapy in our luxurious product lines.

Our most valued commitments are customer satisfaction and high quality products.
Combining the beauty of innovation and design with the integrity of quality materials and customer care.
In the world of false hopes and promises it is wonderful to find a company that means what it says.
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