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Synthetic Spa Steps
These durable, quick assembly Spa Steps are available on stock in Cinnamon and Graphite. Easy to assemble Spa Steps are made to last, and can support up to 400 Kg weight capacity, can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, humidity, rain, sleet, and heat. Use this spa step to ease access in and out of your spa and hot tub.

  • Easy, snap together parts for quick assembly
  • 84 cm non-slip treads
  • Made of durable UV protected polypropylene
  • Available in Multiple colours
  • Beautiful design and finish
  • 400 Kg weight capacity

E-Z Lifter Spa Coverlift
The famous E-Z Lifter is so-named because it's easy to install, easy to operate.
So simple to use, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. One easy motion lifts any cover up to 240 cm and stores it in an upright position!

Requiring just 45 cm of clearance from any wall in order to function properly, this cover lift wear and tear on your spa cover. Made of anodised aluminium, it holds up well against weather extremes and will look new for many years to come.

Easily assembled, the E-Z Lifter fits most models and attaches to the base of your spa or deck. No need for large mounting plates or permanent cover attachments. Simple, durable and reliable. The E-Z Lifter is the affordable spa cover removal system you can depend on.

  • One easy motion lifts any cover up to 240 cm and stores it in an upright position
  • Made of anodised aluminium in black, it holds up well against weather extremes and will look new for many years to come
  • Requires just 45 cm of rear clearance and 10 cm side clearance in order to function properly
  • No hydraulics, and no permanent cover attachments
  • Saves wear and tear on the spa cover
  • "Low profile design" blends easily with any decor
  • Assembles easily
  • Simple, durable, affordable, and reliable
Cover Lifter
Spa Balancer

SpaBalancer Water Care system is the innovation that allows you to keep the water in your hot tub clean, clear, and odourless – completely biological and chlorine-free. SpaBalancer not only cleans the water, but also reliably removes excess lime and impurities. SpaBalancer keeps your spa water particularly soft and does not irritate your skin. This makes skin irritations a thing of the past. Your skin will never dry out and will retain its natural acid-resistant coat.  

UltraShock is an active oxygen-based cleanser. It is five times stronger than chlorine.  UltraShock reliably kills germs, bacteria and legionella. UltraShock also destroys Biofilm. When should you use UltraShock?

1) After the initial filling of the hot tub.
2) If the water is not crystal clear.
3) If the water smells musty or unpleasant.
4) In the case that you might have slimy deposits on the brim of the hot tub.
5) In the case that the water should foam.
6) After a hot tub party, if the dirtiness of the water was too strong. It is also possible to carry out the disinfection of the hot tub solely with UltraShock. This is, for example, recommended for hot tubs made of wood and without a filter system.

Use 100 to 150 ml of Ultrashock per 1000 litres of water content. The amount you use should depend on the level of dirt the hot tub water contains. Let the pump run for a few minutes. If the contamination persists till the next day, repeat the shock treatment. In the case that you use SpaBalancer, wait until the concentration of UltraShock is at zero. Do not use SpaBalancer and UltraShock simultaneously. Both cleaning agents will neutralize each other.


Filter Flosser
Provides a powerful, evenly dispersed spray that gets in between the pleats of your cartridge filter acting like a water pick; it also generates a water and air agitation action that works out the dirt deposits down deep in the cartridge.

  • Fits a Standard Garden Hose!
  • The Best Pool & Spa Filter Cleaning Tool!
  • Less Time!
  • Less Labour!
  • Less Water!
Filter Flosser
Spa Filters

Spa Filters
Filter Cartridges are a system. This system includes cores, media (Filtration Fabric), bands, and end caps. A properly designed core maximizes the filtration area, increases flow, and creates uniform flow distribution through the entire cartridge increasing its life and the cleanliness of your water. Our cores deliver better water flow rates enhancing filtration. This efficiency reduces wear and tear on the pump, uses less energy, and provides longer life to the cartridge. Proper flow is important as many home owners switch to energy efficient multiple and variable speed pumps. 
The media, superior Reemay filtration fabric is highly efficient, spun bonded polyester. Reemay filtration fabric is used in all our filter cartridges because it’s the best!

Our break-resistant bands keep the pleats clearly defined and evenly separated for increased water flow. In competitors’ cartridges, low quality bands fall off and cause collapsed pleats which decreases a filter’s life span; poor flow increases back pressure throughout the entire filtration system. Our antimicrobial end-caps are formulated to withstand chlorine degradation and are 100% Antimicrobial which prohibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Diameter : 152 mm
Length: 194 mm
Top Handle
Bottom hole: 1 1/2 “ SAE (3.8 cm)

We can also supply a large variety of filters for most of spas/ hot tubs manufacturers in the world!


Hard Covers
High quality spa cover with 10-6.5 cm tapered foam inserts and reinforced galvanized channeling for support. Top stitched for added strength and quality.


Spa Cover
Spa Fragrances

Spa Fragrances - VELOURS DE SPA
The product VELOURS DE SPA is designed to mix totally with water without interacting with the disinfection system. It adds an extra dimension to the spa through the curative powers of the essential oils it contains. A hot tub/spa is a modern version of a public bath, a place where people come to socialise, relax and meet each other.  

VELOURS DE SPA enhances this very special moment, adding a subtle perfume and all the benefits of essential oils extracted from plants. VELOURS DE SPA is totally soluble in water. Pour 2 or 3 stoppers directly into the water of your spa.

Fragrances: Eucalyptus, Mint, Luxus, Lavender, Elinya, Orange, Orient & Asie



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