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Hot Tub Maintenance

All Lotus Spas have been designed and engineered with the end user in mind they are very easy to maintain and because they are so well built the actual maintenance becomes very minimal. With all components made to last, from the integrated metal support structure to the stainless steel massage jets everything on the hot tubs, every details is both aesthetically pleasing as well as robust.

Power Depot Equipment Panel Everlast Floor *
One of the most innovative items of the spas is the colour coded equipment panel, which in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong, makes it very easy to diagnose problems with the major electronic components and generally maintain your spa. The practical design of the equipment panel saves you time and money. The base to every spa is the extra thick 6 mm moulded ABS floor which is airtight in order to keep the warm air inside and the cold/damp out. Key pressure points on the spa are reinforced with built in support structures placed under them. The floor also elevates all equipment to prevent damage, reduce noise & vibration.
Everlast Cabinet * Service "T" Valves *
The cabinet of the spas is made from a maintenance-free material designed for durability and a natural appearance, attached directly to the metal support structure. It has four removable panels for easy access to the inner components of the hot tub, which can be reattached in minutes with discrete fasteners. If you do ever have a problem with any of the components on the spa servicing is made easy and you will not have to drain the spa of water, simply slide the valve down to cut off the water supply and then you can remove the relevant component or piece of equipment for repair or maintenance and then simply snap it back in place.

* These are the E Class features - C Class Spas have an EnviroCare Cabinet, Weather Guard Floor & Service Ball Valves which are all equally maintenance free and high quality.


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