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Are spas suitable for a holiday home in Europe?

There is no reason why you couldn't have a hot tub at your villa, whether it is in popular resorts like Marbella, Crete and Nice or in fact anywhere in Europe. Why wouldn’t you? Ok, so most of us want to go on holiday for the sunshine and heat and generally you think about bobbing about in a swimming pool, but hot tubs are gaining popularity in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and the French Riviera for holiday homes.

Think about the reasons why you want a spa – the massage jets, the relaxing and comfortable seats, the social aspect – so why not have that when you are on holiday? And just because hot is in the name, it doesn’t mean to say that you have to have the spa water hot – just turn down the temperature setting and slip into a nice cool tub instead.

By turning down the heater you will obviously stop it heating the water, and then if you leave the cover off any heat will escape, then turning on the jets will help aerate the water again helping to cool it down. Once the water is chilled keeping the cover on will prevent the sun from heating the water when not in use.


But obviously a lot of people visit their holiday homes, particularly in Spain and Greece during the winter months, and although they are generally still warmer than the UK, Germany, Holland or other northern European countries, the cooler weather may mean using the swimming pool is not feasible. However a hot tub will be a great way to continue to enjoy the outdoors and a fantastic way to socialise with friends even if the evenings are cooler.

Many people who have smaller villas or even a ground floor apartment with a terrace area can easily have a hot tub installed instead of a pool, meaning that the cost is much reduced, disruption is very minimal, and no planning or licences are generally required.

So, as you can see having a spa in your holiday home is ideal in so many ways - so find the spa dealer local to your holiday home now!

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