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E Class Collection

Slip into one of our luxurious Reclina-Seats and you will immediately notice the high quality construction and design. The E-class Collection is packed with advanced features such as our exclusive AquaFlex Massage Technology that mimics the massage of a professional masseuse and all are backed by our 100% no nonsense, no fine print guarantee.

You will find comfort in knowing that owning a LOTUS PAS® E-class hot tub is easy and convenient. So sit back and relax knowing that over 80 years of comfort and quality is behind you with a LOTUS SPAS® E-class hot tub.


C Class Collection

Stunning curves and gentle lines set the LOTUS SPAS® C-class Collection apart from the rest. The unique comfort fit shell has been designed to sit you in the comfort and quality you have come to expect from LOTUS SPAS®. In fact, for the past 80 years, we have been perfecting this and it is apparent in each one of our C-class Collection spas.

Experience a world like no other in our comfort corner with AccuPressure neck and Relaxology foot massage. And it does not stop there. Our LOTUS SPAS® C-class Collection is packed with almost everything under the sun and features simple operation.


E Class Spas

Evita Spa Emily Spa
Evita Emily
Elisa Spa Erica Spa
Elisa Erica

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C Class Spas

Cleopatra Spa Carmen Spa
Cleopatra Carmen
Crystal Spa Carla Spa
Crystal Carla


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